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Features of AnySoftKeyboard

  • Supports lots of languages via external packages
  • Physical keyboards are supported as well
  • Themes (skin) support
  • Incognito Mode - will not track your typing
  • Word suggestions, and Next-Word suggestions
  • Automatic correction can be customized, or turned off entirely. External packages include word lists that can be freely mixed. You can use a French layout and get suggestions for German and Russian!
  • Gesture typing
  • Dark mode, automatic (based on system) and manual
  • Power saving mode, disables various features to save battery
  • Per-app tint, the keyboard changes color depending on the app
  • Voice input
  • Compact modes: Split and Compact to left/right
  • Special keyboard for text fields which require only numbers, dates, email or URI addresses.
  • Plenty of emojis
  • ..and many more!


Help from the community

The official discussions and support community is on GitHub. You can also find us on Mastodon.
Read our wiki for more information about usage and code.


Numerous languages available

There are many languages with multiple dictionaries, auto-correction and keyboards that are supported.

John Doe

AnySoftKeyboard is the keyboard we have been waiting for; lightweight, fast, accurate and private!

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